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DIGITAL TAIL VOLUMES is a new body of work that inverts the male gaze.  It challenges the objectification and representation of the female body in the music industry and explores the boundaries of sexual and gender identity.  


In our work, male models recreate the hyper-sexualized dances and poses used in music videos by some of the most commercially successful female artists. Each motion and sound is chosen to underscore the imbalance of bodily representation in the music industry, blur gender binaries and shift power dynamics.  These works try on this new position, a female gaze upon the male body. 


The familiar beat of music videos is replaced with a new layered sound world.  Sound is re-imagined and composed from original field recordings to inhabit the work in equivalence to the images: mating calls by gibbons at dawn in Southern Borneo are answered by urban foxes in the suburban night, bodily gyrations set against an East London street sound of beating drums as planes soar overhead. 


DIGITAL TAIL VOLUMES will continue to evolve as Goldentailx challenges the edifice of society. 

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